Ella's classes incorporate challenging sequences which encourage the student to find grace and elegance in movement, whilst finding the release and joy to let go in postures and find mental clarity.
Classes are accessible for all levels, with a range of modifications on offer. Beginners encouraged to try!


Ella completed her 200 hour certification in Ashtanga/Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga with Ervin Menyhart, undertaking an apprenticeship style teacher training over the course of 2.5 years. During this time Ashtanga Yoga was the base and only practice that Ella committed to.
The physicality of the practice suited Ella, but it also allowed her to work with strength in a way which hadn’t come naturally, even as a dancer. Exploring the nature of attention, consciousness and the philosophy of the practice made Ella want to go deeper and discover more about the practice.
After moving to London and experiencing lots of new approaches and styles, Ella wanted to allow her practice to progress in new ways and so started to experience the various different styles on offer. Naturally aligned with Ashtanga and practices which tend to be Dynamic and somewhat challenging, it was Rocket that Ella was attracted to and other approaches such as Mandala Vinyasa and Dharma Yoga. Ella then went on to complete a further 50 hours advanced teacher training in Rocket Yoga and another 50 hours advanced teacher training in Mandala Vinyasa with The Yoga People. Ella has also worked with Edward Clark of Tripsichore Yoga.

As a practitioner Ella feels lucky and grateful to have so many friends, influences and teachers sharing knowledge with her through their teachings and classes.


Private tuition

Have you been practicing for some time and want to advance your practice?
Or maybe you have never practiced before and would like to start introducing yoga into your life?
If you would like to work 1:1 and have sessions which are tailored towards your needs and desires, email Ella to enquire.

Yoga in your workplace

Does your workplace have an initiative to get the workforce more active, less stressed and more efficient?
Maybe it’s time to suggest yoga as a part of your working day.
Sessions can be scheduled to fit in around your timetable and Ella will come directly to your workplace, catering the session specifically for the group.
Email to enquire

Image credits: Dave Blackburn Photography at Siobhan Davies Studios and Daniel Lange Photography at Retreat Studios

Image by Daniel Lange Photography at Retreat Yoga Studio, London

Image by Daniel Lange Photography at Retreat Yoga Studio, London