Ella is a dance artist & yoga teacher from Yorkshire, based in London. In 2015 Ella gained a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Dance Making & Performance.

A contemporary dancer, Ella’s practice is informed by improvisation, yoga, somatic based practices and an expanded idea of what dance and choreography could be.

Since April 2018, Ella has been developing a solo based dance practice which is process led and interested in what emerges through the practice of a studio based dance practice. The work has been developed through residency periods at Ponderosa Berlin, Clarence Mews, Creation Box London and Awol Studios Manchester (Amy Voris).

As a yoga teacher, Ella teaches across various different London based Yoga Studios and is trained in Ashtanga, Dynamic Vinyasa, Rocket and Mandala Vinyasa.

 Ella regularly facilitates dance and movement within a variety of different contexts and is a lead facilitator for Flux Dance.

Ella has performed and worked with a variety of different independent dance artists including Flux Dance, Joon Dance, Lizzy LeQuesne, Florence Peake, Gaby Agis. Ella is part of the Moving Digits Project.

In 2019 Ella started a collaboration with textile designer Coco Cripps entitled Interlaced Cycles.

Ella is part of the team at Creation Box London, part of a collective of artists who help run the space, whilst creating their work and receiving mentorship from artistic director Rachel Kay.

In September Ella will begin a Masters Degree in Theatre Practices at Art Ez, Arnhem.